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Sedation and Phobic PatientsSedation and Phobic Patients

At ME Dental one of our main focuses is to help you feel good at the dentist, and we are proud to know that almost all our patients feel at ease and relaxed with our team and environment.

We strive to create a very good experience when caring for anxious patients, and the results show as they often recommend others which is the biggest compliment we could receive.

In some cases we use conscious sedation using nitrous oxide gas sedation or penthrox to help give our patients an even better experience. It is very safe, you are awake and perfectly able to communicate and interact with us during the session and you are fully recovered after 20 minutes, however if a patient feel they will require sedation it is recommend that they organise transport to and from their appointment to allow ample recovery time. 

As for any medical procedure some precautions and considerations need to be taken into account for every particular case.

If you wish to have your treatment done under conscious sedation just let us know on your first visit.

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