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Minimally Invasive and ConservativeMinimally Invasive and Conservative

Conservative dentistry is based on the following principles:

  • Early Intervention: The earlier we can treat the problem the less tooth structure will be affected.
  • Early Detection: Detecting the decay even before being visible to the bare eye by using laser diagnosis equipment (Diagnodent)
  • Magnification: The better we see details the less sound tooth structure will be removed unnecessarily.
  • Abrasive Air: Removing decayed tissue without drilling leaving sound enamel untouched.
  • Adhesion: The better we can bond to the tooth tissues the less we have to cut it to achieve such retention.
  • Remineralization: To arrest and/or repair affected enamel or dentin without drilling by using different products and techniques.

The structure of your teeth is beautiful and unique, once it is gone there is no way to get it retrieve it. It makes sense to maximize its protection with minimal intervention but at the same time taking action before the damage has a chance to further progress.

The dental enamel doesn’t grow back. Once it is gone, it’s gone forever and even though dental ceramics are great materials they not as perfect as the beautiful natural enamel that was once there. Protecting it and respecting it is the base of the dentistry that we love at Seven Spring Dental.

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