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Hygiene and Preventative Care

Our practice is dedicated to caring for our patients investments even after the initial treatment has concluded.

Through effective hygiene and preventative maintenance our team of professionals can assist our patients in keeping their smile beautiful and most importantly healthy.

“I believe the key for long term success of any dental plan is how our patients perceive the “experience” , if it’s good they will love it and come back, and enjoy a problems free lovely smile Results and a great experience…that’s what we like.”

Kristy Adams
Seven Springs Dental Oral Health Therapist

Around 50% of our patients have already finished their initial phase of active treatment.

They have invested time, money and have achieved results that they want to protect and maintain.

Seven Springs Dental has designed a program for making that happen called Keep Me Smiling (KMS). For this new phase in your relationship with our practice your dentist will work with the support of other professionals whose thorough dedication, great skills and passion within the field of dental hygiene and preventive care will be the key for maintaining and improving your oral health and the beauty of your teeth and gums.

We would like to see you between 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your risk level. The KMS Team will provide you with all the advice and tools that you need to make your homecare as good as it can be, however, between visits dental plaque can accumulate on some areas (underneath gums, in between teeth), some stains can make your teeth discoloured, inflammation (bleeding gums) can develop as well as bad breath but attending regular Keep ME Smiling appointments your dental professionals can help combat some common dental concerns. 

Gums disease is linked to systemic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, preterm low weight babies and can have very important interactions with many medical treatments and medications. It is important to know and assess these factors.

An ordinary KMS visit will be in between 40 and 60 minutes and may include:

  • Bite wings x-rays and caries assessment
  • Periodontal screening - discussing elements relevant to your case, hygiene, diet advice, general health and lifestyle assessment and advice
  • Soft tissues and cancer check
  • Occlusal assessment (bruxism, abfractions and TMJ)
  • Salivary test
  • Use of antimicrobials and essential oils for gums irrigation
  • Colour assessment and photos - assessment and treatment of sensitivity and use of localized desensitizers
  • If required use of Foto-San a Light Activated Disinfection unit that is used for periodontal disinfection. 

We receive a large number of patients with concerns about the use of fluoride. This is a topic that we like to discuss openly with our patients, its benefits and potential problems as well as any concerns you may have about the mercury fillings that you may have in your mouth. We do not administer any fluoride compound without previous consent. Our dental practice has been accredited with The Eco Dentistry Association to its highest standard Gold Certification. You can find more information at www.ecodentistry.org.

Green dentistry is environmentally friendly, high tech and wellness based.

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