Holistic and Biological Dentistry

Our Principle Dentists Dr Paola and Dr Gus are dedicated to providing holistic and biological care options for our patients during their dental treatments. 

We have a biological approach to all areas of dentistry from managing Root Canalled Teeth to Restorative. Many of our patients come to us concerned about the impact that dental treatments could or will have on their general wellbeing, and it is important to be treated by a dentist that shares their concerns. 

Some of the particulars about our protocol for holistic and biological dental treatment are: 

  • We recommend our patients to seek the advice from their holistic professional for pre-operative and /or post-operative supplement support.
  • We recommend the patient to start taking Vitamin C in high doses and Activated Charcoal tablets prior to commencing treatment.
  • Prior to, during and after the dental procedure we provide the patient with Activated Charcoal rinse to capture heavy metal molecules and prevent their absorption.
  • A silicone dam is placed (as mercury can penetrate latex dams) for the entirety of the procedure to completely isolate the treated tooth from the mouth and soft tissues. 
  • We set a nasal cannula for uncontaminated oxygen supply during the procedure. 
  • High volume water irrigation techniques are used when removing amalgam which is complimented with the double tip high capacity suction system that evacuates outside of the building.
  • A DENT AIR VAC unit is used close to the mouth to aspirate fumes and particles and send them through a mercury and hepa filter.
  • We use well researched products that hold excellent biocompatibility and contain no classic monomers such as BisGMA, TEGDMA, HEMA or BPA.
  • We use amalgam specific burrs are used when cutting mercury fillings and the fillings are removed with a blocking technique rather than grinding.

We consider these precautions a very important factor in preserving everyone's general health inside and outside of the treatment room and have tailored our dental treatments to the individuals concerns and understand the link between general wellbeing and dental health.

Seven Springs Dental is located in Kearney Springs, Toowoomba Dental and has been certified by the eco dentistry association and as such we don’t use dental amalgams.

Dental Amalgams have been banned or restricted in some countries, and in Australia there is still an extensive debate about the safety of dental amalgam fillings.

At the moment the decision of whether or not to use amalgam fillings is still a decision between the patient and the dentist. We follow very strict rules for amalgam removal and waste disposal to prevent mercury contamination for our patients, our team and the environment. We have researched and acquired the technology and the protective equipment to do these procedures safely

We are mindful of the effect certain treatments can have on our patients and want to be able to give patients whom request this holistic approach to their treatment the best possible care. Our practice has been purpose built and designed to care for our patients using advanced technologies, techniques and equipment. 

If you are interested in holistic or biological approach to you dental treatment please make our friendly front office staff aware so we can book you with an appropriate treating dentist. 

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