Cerec Single Visit Dentistry

At Seven Springs Dental we are pleased to be able to provide our patients with Single Appointment Dentistry.

We can now produce Ceramic Dental Restorations and Crowns within the practice, at a single appointment with the technology and equipment we have invested in just for you!  Our dental practice has been outfitted with the Dentsply Sirona Cerec Technology and our team of Dentists have been trained to ensure our patients receive Crowns and Bridges that are aesthetically pleasing have tailored functioning.  

Our sole purpose is to ensure you have the best possible experience at the dentist and by adding this technology we feel we are providing exactly this. 

How the magic happens:

  1. After diagnosis and preparation is complete we capture the area that requires the Ceramic Dental Restorations or Crowns. 
  2. Our team then uses the software to create and design a 3D Model on the computer that is customises a Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown for your exact requirements.
  3. The Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown is then sent to the Milling Unit to be milled from a Ceramic Block. 
  4. The finished Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown is then inserted a little while later. 

The advantages of having this technology available to our patients are:

  • No More Impressions – Previous to produce a Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown our patients would have to undergo a number of impressions which take several minutes to cure and are quire uncomfortable. 
  • No More Temporary Crowns – Previously while our diagnostic models where sent to our Dental Lab at the Gold Coast for the crown to be produced we would have to send our patients away for a number of weeks with a bulky temporary Restoration or Crown – this is now a thing of the past and our patients could not be happier!
  • No Follow Up Appointment – Everything is completed on the one day with just a short wait between the appointments. It is so convenient for our patients; everything is usually finished in around 2 hours!
  • Same Quality You Know and Love – We the technology this equipment has provided we are still able to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of Ceramic Dental Restorations and Crowns. 

Not all Crowns and Bridges, or Partial Crowns are suitable cases to be completed with our Dentsply Sirona Cerec Technology; however we have a highly skilled team of Dental Technicians at the Gold Coast who we involve when necessary to prove the best outcome for you, our loyal patients.

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