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Myofunctional Therapy and Tongue Tie Assessments

Our dental practice is fortunate to have Kristy our Myofunctional Specialist as part of our tight knit team.

Kristy has undergone extensive training in Myotherapy and is extremely passionate about the positive effect this type of treatment can provide for compliant patients. 

Myofunctional Therapy is a development of exercises that train facial muscles to correctly engage when chewing, swallowing and breathing. Although patients may feel that this is something that is just natural there are many signs that provide evidence of a function imbalance of the facial muscles. Myotherapy helps to train correct tongue positioning and in addition strengthens the correct muscles which encourage proper facial development in children as they are growing and can correct weaknesses in adults. 

Myotherapy has proven results in stimulating forward growth of the jaw and can help to improve arch form minimising potential crowding of teeth, whilst an amended lip seal can provide encouragement to resolve protruding anterior teeth. 

There are a number of causes that can relate to improper development of the facial muscles:

  • Mouth Breathing
  • Thumb Sucking
  • Bottle Feeding and Pacifier Use
  • Tongue and Lip Ties
  • Tongue Thrusts or Reverse Swallow
  • Inadequate Lip Seal 
  • Incorrect Resting Tongue Position

Myofunctional Therapy is targeted treatment and recommendations to change the moment of the muscles to modify jaw and dental development. Successful and compliant treatment of a patient improves the opportunity for the jaw to accommodate all teeth in the arch which in turn may relieve crowding and straighten the teeth naturally but may not relieve the necessity for orthodontic involvement completely. 

After a myofunctional evaluation a treatment plan is developed to correct the identified habit or weakness in the facial muscles. From this initial diagnosis you may receive referral to an ENT Specialist, a place of action to relieve a habit, exercises to encourage repatterning of the muscles or a Myofunctional training appliance to promote correct orofacial movement and compliance. 

Myofunctional Therapy can be provided to anyone however, is most successfully integrated whilst the patient is growing between the ages for 8-15 years.  Adults can still commence treatment and experience treatment success. Treatment time varies dependant on patient compliance, and the concern being addressed. 

To organise a Myofunctional Evaluation with our Myofunctional Therapist Kristy, please contact our friendly front office staff. 

Holistic and Biological Dentistry

Our Principle Dentists Dr Paola and Dr Gus are dedicated to providing holistic and biological care options for our patients during their dental treatments. 

We have a biological approach to all areas of dentistry from managing Root Canalled Teeth to Restorative. Many of our patients come to us concerned about the impact that dental treatments could or will have on their general wellbeing, and it is important to be treated by a dentist that shares their concerns. 

Some of the particulars about our protocol for holistic and biological dental treatment are: 

  • We recommend our patients to seek the advice from their holistic professional for pre-operative and /or post-operative supplement support.
  • We recommend the patient to start taking Vitamin C in high doses and Activated Charcoal tablets prior to commencing treatment.
  • Prior to, during and after the dental procedure we provide the patient with Activated Charcoal rinse to capture heavy metal molecules and prevent their absorption.
  • A silicone dam is placed (as mercury can penetrate latex dams) for the entirety of the procedure to completely isolate the treated tooth from the mouth and soft tissues. 
  • We set a nasal cannula for uncontaminated oxygen supply during the procedure. 
  • High volume water irrigation techniques are used when removing amalgam which is complimented with the double tip high capacity suction system that evacuates outside of the building.
  • A DENT AIR VAC unit is used close to the mouth to aspirate fumes and particles and send them through a mercury and hepa filter.
  • We use well researched products that hold excellent biocompatibility and contain no classic monomers such as BisGMA, TEGDMA, HEMA or BPA.
  • We use amalgam specific burrs are used when cutting mercury fillings and the fillings are removed with a blocking technique rather than grinding.

We consider these precautions a very important factor in preserving everyone's general health inside and outside of the treatment room and have tailored our dental treatments to the individuals concerns and understand the link between general wellbeing and dental health.

Seven Springs Dental is located in Kearney Springs, Toowoomba Dental and has been certified by the eco dentistry association and as such we don’t use dental amalgams.

Dental Amalgams have been banned or restricted in some countries, and in Australia there is still an extensive debate about the safety of dental amalgam fillings.

At the moment the decision of whether or not to use amalgam fillings is still a decision between the patient and the dentist. We follow very strict rules for amalgam removal and waste disposal to prevent mercury contamination for our patients, our team and the environment. We have researched and acquired the technology and the protective equipment to do these procedures safely

We are mindful of the effect certain treatments can have on our patients and want to be able to give patients whom request this holistic approach to their treatment the best possible care. Our practice has been purpose built and designed to care for our patients using advanced technologies, techniques and equipment. 

If you are interested in holistic or biological approach to you dental treatment please make our friendly front office staff aware so we can book you with an appropriate treating dentist. 

Cerec Single Visit Dentistry

At Seven Springs Dental we are pleased to be able to provide our patients with Single Appointment Dentistry.

We can now produce Ceramic Dental Restorations and Crowns within the practice, at a single appointment with the technology and equipment we have invested in just for you!  Our dental practice has been outfitted with the Dentsply Sirona Cerec Technology and our team of Dentists have been trained to ensure our patients receive Crowns and Bridges that are aesthetically pleasing have tailored functioning.  

Our sole purpose is to ensure you have the best possible experience at the dentist and by adding this technology we feel we are providing exactly this. 

How the magic happens:

  1. After diagnosis and preparation is complete we capture the area that requires the Ceramic Dental Restorations or Crowns. 
  2. Our team then uses the software to create and design a 3D Model on the computer that is customises a Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown for your exact requirements.
  3. The Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown is then sent to the Milling Unit to be milled from a Ceramic Block. 
  4. The finished Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown is then inserted a little while later. 

The advantages of having this technology available to our patients are:

  • No More Impressions – Previous to produce a Ceramic Dental Restoration or Crown our patients would have to undergo a number of impressions which take several minutes to cure and are quire uncomfortable. 
  • No More Temporary Crowns – Previously while our diagnostic models where sent to our Dental Lab at the Gold Coast for the crown to be produced we would have to send our patients away for a number of weeks with a bulky temporary Restoration or Crown – this is now a thing of the past and our patients could not be happier!
  • No Follow Up Appointment – Everything is completed on the one day with just a short wait between the appointments. It is so convenient for our patients; everything is usually finished in around 2 hours!
  • Same Quality You Know and Love – We the technology this equipment has provided we are still able to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of Ceramic Dental Restorations and Crowns. 

Not all Crowns and Bridges, or Partial Crowns are suitable cases to be completed with our Dentsply Sirona Cerec Technology; however we have a highly skilled team of Dental Technicians at the Gold Coast who we involve when necessary to prove the best outcome for you, our loyal patients.

Test Drive Your SmileTest Drive Your Smile

Our Test Drive Your Smile initiative opens our patient’s minds to the possibility of having that beautiful smile they have been looking for.

Interest Free Payment OptionsPayment Options

Seven Springs Dental is committed to helping our community gain access to quality dentistry at an affordable price.

General DentistryGeneral Dentistry

CHILDRENDENTALChildren's Dentistry

Children have a very important place in our practice, and we believe that caring for your children’s teeth is imperative.

Some people have the wrong idea that temporary teeth care is not really important because those teeth will eventually be replaced. However, children with low levels of germs, healthy teeth and gums will grow with ease through the mixed dentition stage until all their permanent teeth have erupted.

Hygiene and Preventative Care

Our practice is dedicated to caring for our patients investments even after the initial treatment has concluded.

Through effective hygiene and preventative maintenance our team of professionals can assist our patients in keeping their smile beautiful and most importantly healthy.

“I believe the key for long term success of any dental plan is how our patients perceive the “experience” , if it’s good they will love it and come back, and enjoy a problems free lovely smile Results and a great experience…that’s what we like.”

Kristy Adams
Seven Springs Dental Oral Health Therapist

Around 50% of our patients have already finished their initial phase of active treatment.

They have invested time, money and have achieved results that they want to protect and maintain.

Seven Springs Dental has designed a program for making that happen called Keep Me Smiling (KMS). For this new phase in your relationship with our practice your dentist will work with the support of other professionals whose thorough dedication, great skills and passion within the field of dental hygiene and preventive care will be the key for maintaining and improving your oral health and the beauty of your teeth and gums.

We would like to see you between 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your risk level. The KMS Team will provide you with all the advice and tools that you need to make your homecare as good as it can be, however, between visits dental plaque can accumulate on some areas (underneath gums, in between teeth), some stains can make your teeth discoloured, inflammation (bleeding gums) can develop as well as bad breath but attending regular Keep ME Smiling appointments your dental professionals can help combat some common dental concerns. 

Gums disease is linked to systemic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, preterm low weight babies and can have very important interactions with many medical treatments and medications. It is important to know and assess these factors.

An ordinary KMS visit will be in between 40 and 60 minutes and may include:

  • Bite wings x-rays and caries assessment
  • Periodontal screening - discussing elements relevant to your case, hygiene, diet advice, general health and lifestyle assessment and advice
  • Soft tissues and cancer check
  • Occlusal assessment (bruxism, abfractions and TMJ)
  • Salivary test
  • Use of antimicrobials and essential oils for gums irrigation
  • Colour assessment and photos - assessment and treatment of sensitivity and use of localized desensitizers
  • If required use of Foto-San a Light Activated Disinfection unit that is used for periodontal disinfection. 

We receive a large number of patients with concerns about the use of fluoride. This is a topic that we like to discuss openly with our patients, its benefits and potential problems as well as any concerns you may have about the mercury fillings that you may have in your mouth. We do not administer any fluoride compound without previous consent. Our dental practice has been accredited with The Eco Dentistry Association to its highest standard Gold Certification. You can find more information at www.ecodentistry.org.

Green dentistry is environmentally friendly, high tech and wellness based.

Contact Seven Springs Dental today to find out more about how we can help you.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

For some patients it is necessary to remove their wisdom teeth. While it is normal for people to have wisdom teeth, sometimes there is not enough available space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to erupt without causing problems.

Wisdom Teeth tend to erupt much later than the rest of a persons adult teeth, usually during early adulthood. If a wisdom tooth does not have enough space it can become impacted which causes detriment to adjacent teeth, or if the wisdom tooth is able to only partially erupt it may allow bacteria to become trapped causing gum disease and tooth decay. This problematic eruption will usually present as a discomfort to the patient and on assessment of a full mouth radiograph your dental professional will discuss the recommended treatment option which could be removing some or all of your wisdom teeth. 

 At Seven Springs Dental we are able to offer our patients Wisdom Teeth Removal under General Anaesthesia with Dr Greg. This means that patients are seen in a hospital environment by a highly skilled dentist and they have the procedure whilst under general anaesthesia. 

Many patients prefer to have their wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia, and we are very fortunate to have Dr Greg as part of our team of caring professionals to be able to offer them this service. 


Sedation and Phobic PatientsSedation and Phobic Patients

At ME Dental one of our main focuses is to help you feel good at the dentist, and we are proud to know that almost all our patients feel at ease and relaxed with our team and environment.

We strive to create a very good experience when caring for anxious patients, and the results show as they often recommend others which is the biggest compliment we could receive.

Minimally Invasive and ConservativeMinimally Invasive and Conservative

Conservative dentistry is based on the following principles:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

One of the first things you notice when you meet someone is their smile.

A whiter, brighter smile is not only beautiful but also an important work tool and a valuable social factor, it can help you feel better about yourself, more confident and help  you to make a memorable impression.

Holistic and Biological Dentistry.

Seven Springs Dental is an environmentally friendly practice located in Kearneys Spring, South Toowoomba and  is certified by the eco dentistry association and as such we don’t use dental amalgams.


Dental ImplantsDental Implants

It may sound like Dental Implants are a new thing, but they’re not! They’ve been used for more than 40 years! Our practice is fortunate to have dentists that specialise in placement and restoration of Dental Implants.



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