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Why Work With Seven Springs Dental?

Seven Springs Dental is dedicated to providing independent practitioners with the resources required to deliver exceptional service to their patients.

Practitioners that join Seven Springs Dental are provided with the opportunity to build their own practice without having the stress of the day to day running of the business.

Our clinics are equipped with state of the art technology to enhance the patients experience and knowledge. Seven Springs Dental is solely focused on creating a great experience from the moment your patients call is answered by one of our friendly front office coordinators, to when they arrive at the practice and see our beautifully purpose set facility, and are welcomed into the treatment room by one of our nurturing dental assistants.

Each perception point of our practice your patients encounters is polished, professional and polite. We want patients of the practice to not only see a dentist they trust but to have them enjoy the experience and feel respected when their expectations are met and then exceeded.

Seven Springs Dental provides independent clinicians who join our practice with:

  • Clinical Support Staff including Dental Assistants and Sterilisation Technicians
  • Front Office Coordinators and office services
  • Cohesive electronic Practice Management Software
  • An existing patient cancellation and recall programs
  • Internal education and development services held routinely for Employees and Practitioners to attend to benefit from friendly, knowledgeable and efficient team member

Rooms Available

At Seven Springs Dental we have rooms available for hire by dentists. If you are struggling with the overheads of setting up a new practice, these rooms may provide a cost effective solution for you. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the form below.


Our Focus

Dentistry that is tailored for the whole family


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