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Dr Rick is dedicated to providing outstanding patient experience and understands the importance of educating patients on their treatment options.

Dr Rick has over 30 years’ experience practicing as a general dentist. He graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and spent the two years proceeding this working in England. At this point he made the decision to move to Australia and establish his own successful private practice.

Dr Rick has recently relocated to Toowoomba and has been fortunate to join a practice that firmly agrees with his beliefs of providing patient focused dentistry where patient experience is paramount. He‘s many years of experience has provides him with confidence in all areas of practice. A caring and positive persona along with his whole mouth approach to dentistry offers his patients comprehensive treatment options in a patient centred environment.

thommasDr Tommy Chow

Dr Tommy is strongly passionate about making patients feel at ease and empowering them to have a comprehensive understanding of the oral condition. 

Dr Tommy graduated from Griffith University and was awarded the Griffith Award of Academic Excellence as he placed in the top 5 percentile. 

Dr Tommy prior to graduation developed his skills further by working chairside assisting in private dental clinics. He managed this workload on top of his studies to gain real world experience in the dental industry.  His experience and studies has ensured he is proficient in all aspects of general dentistry. He enjoys all aspects of restorative and surgical dentistry from minimally invasive to long term preventative work. 

His passion ignited from his strong belief in giving back to the community. Dr Tommy has dedicated many hours of his time and skills, volunteering. This time doesn’t only bless the less privileged but also refreshes his passion for dentistry. 

Away from the practice Tommy enjoys keeping fit playing social tennis and is an active member of the local church: either serving in children’s ministry or sitting behind the sound desk. 

Dr Madaleen Koorts


Dr Madaleen is a devoted, caring and gentle general dentist.

She is passionate about ensuring her patients feel comfortable during their time in the dental chair. She understands that visiting the dentist, isn’t everyone’s favourite past time, but with her welcoming smile and wealth of experience her patients

are grateful to have such an attentive professional caring for their oral health.

She is dedicated to educating patients on their oral health and so they are empowered  to make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

Dr Madaleen has over 20 years’ experience working as a dentist in both private and public sectors and is very happy to have now joined the ME Dental Team on a full time basis in our Highfields Practice.



paola cifuentesDr Paola Cifuentes

Dr Paola Cifuentes loves integrating all areas of dentistry to be able to give the best possible and most comprehensive approach to her patient’s dental care.

She has oriented her practice towards the preventive, conservative, and minimally invasive side of dentistry and her services are particularly appreciated by people want to experience long lasting results. Dr Paola is committed to our holistic and green approach to dentistry and is highly skilled in techniques for safe amalgam removal. She prides herself on helping people that may have had a very invasive experience in the past with her conservative and people centred manner.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Paola is a loving mother to her 4 children and beautiful wife to Dr Gus. She is often busily juggling her work and family life which all mothers can definitely relate to, those school lunches never pack themselves!

gusduoDr Gus Fischer

Dr Gus Fischer has a strong passion for oral rehabilitation with particular interest in implants.

Dr. Gus has more than 25 years of experience in dentistry and is a member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology)

He spent 12 years teaching Oral Implants and Periodontics in different universities and postgraduate training institutions.

He believes the only way to deliver the best dental care is being aware of the multiple strong links between oral and general health.

From breathing and healthy habits to facial growth to function ,and beautiful aesthetics as a direct result.

Biocompatible materials, ozone, minimally invasive, holistic philosophy ,DNA appliance, Orthotropics, ALF appliance and Myobrace to address orofacial development from the earliest age to late adulthood.

All the benefits that highest technology deep knowledge holistic dental care has to give from Dr. Gus's team to you and to make Me Dental Practice so special.

lauraDr Laura Curran

Dr Laura Curran enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and actively helps her patient to regain their oral health. 

Since graduating Griffith University with her Bachelor of Dental Science Dr Laura has been one of our dental professionals. She joined our practice in 2013 and has developed her passion for general and restorative dentistry.

Dr Laura takes time to educate her patients on treatment options the advantages to long term planning of oral health concerns. Dr Laura has a minimally invasive approach to dentistry and feels that prevention is in most instances better than a cure.

She takes pride in developing a trusted relationship with her patients and truly is devoted to treatments that will be beneficial for their long term health. 

Currently Dr Laura is on leave from the practice as she welcomes her first child into her family and she is expected to return in late 2018.

peymanDr Peyman Aliabadi

Since graduating from the University of Bristol, England; Dr Peyman has spent most of his career developing his skills in all aspects of dentistry.

Prior to moving to Australia, Dr Peyman gained a wealth of experience working in Practice in the National Health Service of England and as a Senior House Officer in a hospital Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery department. In 2012 Dr Peyman gained his membership to the Dental Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. From there, he moved to Private Practice, initially in England then to Brisbane before settling here in Toowoomba. 

Dr Peyman enjoys all aspects of restorative and surgical dentistry, including minimally invasive cosmetics and long term preventative work. He is committed to professional development and provision of good evidence based dentistry. He is a very conscientious surgeon and is very happy treating the most anxious among us.

Away from Dentistry, Dr Peyman enjoys being outdoors. He’s regularly off hiking, cycling or surfing in his spare time. He’s also fanatical about sport; all too often he can be caught talking about Soccer, Cricket or Footy!

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