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Financial Information

HICAPS Facilities

Our dental practice provides HICAPS on the spot claiming facilities for patient convenience. 

This mean that we are in most circumstances able to claim from your private health fund at the time of treatment leaving only the gap payment to be made by you. We do not accept American Express and kindly expect payment on the day of treatment via Eftpos. 

Interest Free Payment Options


ME Dental Practice is committed to helping our community gain access to quality dentistry at an affordable price.

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer our patients the flexibility of interest free payment solutions with DentiCare. If you would like to know more please contact either of our practices and one of our knowledgeable front office coordinators will be able to discuss this opportunity further, as well as the terms and conditions as well as answer any questions you may have.

Children Dental Benefit Scheme


ME Dental Practice is happy to announce that our team of clinical professionals are accepting patients under the Children Dental Benefit Scheme with Medicare.

This program has been developed to help with financial support for basic dental services for children aged 2 – 17 years of age. Over 2 consecutive calendar years a capped benefit is available per child.

At our practice, you are able to use this benefit for some dental expenses. Please make the front office coordinator aware you are eligible for this scheme upon booking appointments. The Dentists within the practice are Non Bulk Billing meaning you need to go to Medicare to collect your rebate, our Therapists however are Bulk Billing this scheme and your claims can be sent off on the spot.

If you would like to find out if your child is eligible for the Children Dental Benefit Scheme you can call Medicare on 132 011.

Darling Downs Hospital and Health Vouchers

DD Health

ME Dental Practice is accepting referrals from the Darling Downs Oral Health Clinic located at the base hospital. 

Patients must make our front office coordinators aware they are a recipient of a voucher prior to booking. 

HCF More for Teeth Program


We are pleased to be able to work alongside HCF to offer this program in our practice to help their members maintain good oral health. 

HCF Members with Dental Extras may be entitled to get One or two fully covered check-ups per calendar year as well as a range of preventative and diagnostic services (depending on your level of cover and annual limits). Feel free to contact our practices or HCF for more. 

CBHS Choice Network Providercbhs

Our practice is proud to be associated with CBHS Choice Network.This allows members of CBHS to have a no out-of-pocket expense for selected preventative services, check-ups, and cleans (depending on your level of cover and annual limits). Feel free to contact our practices or CBHS for more information.

Senior's Card Discountseniors

Our practice is happy to extend a 10% Discount on any out of pocket expense to patients who hold a valid senior card..

In order to receive this discount, you must supply our front office coordinators with your senior card details and show your card upon processing payment.

DVA Patients

vets DVA Patients are welcome to attend our practices. Upon scheduling an appointment with one of our friendly front office coordinators please ensure you share that you hold a DVA Card.


What is the Seven Springs Dental Experience?

At Seven Springs Dental we believe that a trip to the dentist can be a great experience and that the small things really do matter and make a big difference.

We believe our team is made up of caring professionals whose purpose is to help, assist and comfort our patients. At Seven Springs Dental our entire team is dedicated to ensuring we provide the best service to our patients.  

What is the Seven Springs Dental Experience?

The Seven Springs Dental Experience is all about CARE.

C - Comfort
A - Affordability 
R - Respect
E - Education 

Comfort – We consider our practice to be paramount, however comfort does not just mean that they feel pain free in our treatment room. For us it also means that our patients feel comfortable revealing their concerns or problems that make them feel embarrassed or ashamed.  Comfort is about ensuring that our patients can come to their appointments smiling and care free as they know their concerns will be looked after in a professional, compassionate and nurturing manner.   

Affordability – Our practice is a family practice. We want to be able to care for you and your family to ensure their health and wellbeing for many years to come. We understand that our patient expect quality dentistry at an affordable cost and that is what we strive to achieve. 

Respect – We believe that showing respect to someone, whether that is patient, colleague or acquaintance, is the ultimate illustration of integrity. This helps to build a relationship with strong foundations of respect and trust. 

Education - Our practice is solely focused on educating our patients from their treatment options to their oral hygiene techniques. We want our patients to be knowledgeable and understand their oral health and how they can maintain or improve this. Our patients should feel comfortable knowing that we are not here to lecture them. We are purely here to help and assist.

We strive to create an atmosphere that embraces the ME Dental Experience and understand that coming to the dentist can be a somewhat dreaded experience. What we wish more so is that our patients understand that is doesn’t need to be this way. We have a selected group of independent practitioners who have a vision and philosophy. This is supported by an amazing team who assist them to deliver positive dentistry. 

Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Our dental professionals feel strongly that the link between good oral health and the overall wellbeing of a person is often overlooked.

We have  a holistic approach to how our practice looks after our patients whom have a heightened awareness of their overall wellbeing. 

What we do differently:

  • Our equipment is state of the art: 
    • Sirona Digital x-ray units that are optimised to achieve quality images with a low radiation exposure.
    • FotoSan light activated disinfection until that is used for Periodontal and Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment) disinfection. This is a painless system that has instant results, works on all micro-organisms without need of antiseptics or antibiotics, is quick and easy and is risk free without side effects.
    • Sirona high capacity dry suction equipment which is designed to separate amalgam.
    • External filtered suction with the use of DentaAirVac
  • Suction motors and air compressors that are located outdoors to ensure suctioned during the amalgam removal or during any other restorative procedure (containing mercury vapors, different germs and substances) will not re-enter the practice environment.
  • Separate air supply for the patient through oxygen cannulas in order to reduce inhalation of contaminated air.
  • The placement of a Rubber Dam during for amalgam removed (a silicone dam is placed as mercury can penetrate latex)
  • Amalgam specific burrs are used when cutting mercury fillings and the fillings are removed with a blocking technique rather than grinding.
  • High volume water irrigation techniques are used when removing amalgam which is complimented with the high capacity suction system. 
  • Well researched products that hold excellent biocompatibility and contain no classic monomers such as BisGMA, TEGDMA, HEMA or BPA.
  • Pre-operative and /or post-operative supplement support can be coordinated by the patient’s holistic professional.

We are mindful of the effect certain treatments can have on our patients and want to be able to give patients whom request this holistic approach to their treatment the best possible care. Our practice has been purpose built and designed to care for our patients using advanced technologies, techniques and equipment. 

If you would like to learn more about our holistic approach to dentistry contact our practice today.

PartnersOur Directors

Dr Gus Fischer and Dr Paola Cifuentes

Gus and Paola are a husband and wife dental team.

Their story starts off oceans away from Australia in their homeland of Argentina where they completed their Bachelor of Dental Science to become oral health professionals over 20 years ago. After a number of years working in Argentina they made the hard decision to leave their family, friends and their country,  to make a new life for themselves in Australia.

They found themselves settled in Toowoomba and have lived not to regret that life changing decision. Toowoomba has been the community; them and their family for 4 children have called home over a decade now.  

Paola and Gus spent a number of years working as associate dentists in Toowoomba until finally an opportunity was available for them to own and manage their own practice with the values and morals they feel most vital in a dental practice environment.

In April 2011, their Highfields Practice opened its doors to a welcoming public whom was delighted to have such a modern practice with experienced clinician’s right on their doorstep. As the practice continued to grow the ME Dental Family grew, with the addition of more quality dental professionals their practice was able to care for more new patients and introduce them to the ME Dental Way of practice dentistry.

In August 2013, they opened the second branch in South Toowoomba as part of the 7 Springs Health + Dental Centre. Again experiencing a very welcomed reception as Kearneys Spring, was previously underserviced in the medical fields. With the right professionals joining their team, holding the same dental philosophy the practice has continued to grow.

Both Gus and Paola are grateful to know that patients whom are being treated in either of their practices, by any of the clinicians are in the best of hands for many years. Their continues to evolve with the rebranding of their current practice Seven Springs Dental, located within the 7 Springs Medical + Dental Centre due to the recent sale of ME Dental Practice Highfields.

They continue to look forward to servicing the south Toowoomba Community as Seven Springs Dental - Same People, Same Place just a New Name. Dr Gus and Dr Paola love being able to look after their patients with the morals, values and integrity their patients deserve.

Our Focus

Dentistry that is tailored for the whole family


Easy Parking, Convenient Location

Seven Springs Dental

881 Ruthven St
7 Springs Medical+Dental Centre
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